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 +“No matching processes belonging to you were found”
 +  - Quit digIO and start matlab again.
 +Projector not getting signal from Oban
 +  - Check that the orange cable at the back of the projector is plugged in. Check that the orange cable is plugged into oban.
 +Reboot the projector.
 +To get the eyetracker screen visible on the MRI
 +  - Press the buttons on the black box with the lights to get the eyetracker screen on the screen above
 +  - Then, press some buttons on that box dangling behind to get it back onto the MRI
 +mglDigIO not finding connection — or something about “cannot find mglStandAloneDig”
 +  - Check the cable connections
 +  - Unplug the black cable from the right of the little black box on top of oban and plug it back in
 +  - Quit matlab and start again: type mglDigIO(‘init’)
 +fMRIProjFlex screen looks out of focus
 +  - Someone may have messed with the focus / zoom on the projector. Very carefully try twisting different parts along the projector lens and see if that improves the focus.
 +Eyetracker wobbly
 +  - There’s a screw that attaches the eyetracker to the snake thingy that sometimes gets loose. If so you may need to just unscrew it, disassemble the snake thing, and rescrew the eyetracker firmly back onto the snake.
 +Eyelink says “OPTICAL LINK ERROR” as soon as the scanner starts.
 +  - Unknown how to solve it.
===== mux 8 parameters ===== ===== mux 8 parameters =====