You can access an up-to-date read-only archive of mrTools using git:

git clone mrTools

Once you have used checkout to get the repository, you can get updates whenever you want to by doing:

git pull

The current directory must be 'mrTools', when you want to update.

See the commit logs for what has changed recently.

We recommend using git if at all possible (so that you can easily stay on top of the many improvements to the code we continue to make). Since, Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) does not have git preinstalled. You can install git by following these instructions. Or by installing the latest Xcode (make sure that you have checked the option to install the command line tools to get svn - if you already have Xcode installed, but svn is not installed, go to Xcode > Preferences > Downloads > Command Line Tools > Install).

If you are really unable to get git, you can download mrTools.tar.gz which contains an older version of the code (not currently updated). It should just open by clicking on it. If not, from a command line, you should be able to do:

gunzip mrtools.tar.gz
tar xfv mrtools.tar

Once you have downloaded, see Getting Started for installation instructions.