Vision Brunch

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Winter 2018

3/21/18Journal Club: Jesse Gomez Differential Sampling of Visual Space in Ventral and Dorsal Early Visual Cortex (
3/7/18Journal Club: Mareike Grotheer Facephenes and Rainbows (
2/14/18 Rosemary Le (PhD Student, Wandell Lab, Stanford)Stimulus dependency of population receptive fields in the VWFA and visual field maps
2/7/18 Peter Kohler (PostDoc, Norcia Lab, Stanford)Symmetry as a fundamental feature dimension in mid-level vision
1/24/18Journal Club (continued): Dan YaminsDeep convolutional models improve predictions of macaque V1 responses to natural images
1/17/18Journal Club: Dan YaminsDeep convolutional models improve predictions of macaque V1 responses to natural images

Fall 2017

Note: Friday 12/15/17 in 380-381UZhaoping Li Central versus Peripheral vision: computational roles and experimental data
11/29/17Jongho Lee (Prof. of EE, Seoul National University)Imaging myelin and iron in the brain
11/8/17Catherine Manning (Postdoc, Norcia Lab)The development of perceptual decision-making in children: A drift-diffusion study of behavioural and EEG data
11/1/17Justin Gardner (Prof. of Psychology, Stanford)Inverted encoding models of human population response conflate noise and neural tuning width
10/25/17Journal Club: Dan BirmanSelective attention within the foveola
10/18/17Sonia Poltoratski (Postdoc Grill-Spector Lab)Contextual effects in the early visual system and their modulation by attention
10/11/17Keren Haroush (Prof. of Neurobiology, Stanford)The role of Dorsal Anterior Cingulate in Cooperative Social Interactions
10/4/17 Judy Fan (Postdoc, Goodman Lab)Visual communication in context
9/27/17 Niru Maheswaranathan (PhD, Neuroscience Program, Stanford)Deep learning models of the retinal response to natural scenes
9/13/17Journal Club: Mareike GrotheerInteraction between Scence and Object Processing Revealed by Human fMRI and MEG Decoding

Pre Fall 2017 Archive

An archive of Vision Lunch meetings prior to 9/13/17 exists on the Vista Lab wiki.