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Vision Breakfast

Weekly meeting of people at and around Stanford interested in vision research-related topics.

We meet Wednesdays at 9:30 AM in room 419 at Jordan Hall, Stanford University

Please visit vis-lunch-announce to sign up!

Organizers Mareike Grotheer and Daniel Birman

Next meeting: Marc Zirnsak

Talk: A potential source of saliency in the primate brain


The selection of visual signals for further cortical processing is determined by the saliency of their corresponding stimuli, that is, their relative distinctiveness to other stimuli. Despite the importance of stimulus saliency in driving signal selection, the neural mechanisms underlying the computation of saliency in the primate brain are still poorly understood. I will present results of an ongoing series of experiments which point towards a causal role of parietal structures in the computation of saliency.


Presenting at Vision Breakfast

We would like to encourage anyone in the Stanford community (or outside it) who is working on vision-related research to come and talk about their stuff. In particular, Vision Breakfasts are intended to allow people in Vision labs at Stanford to hear about each other's work early on, when feedback can be important, and the results are new and exciting.

Please email Mareike and Dan if you're interested in presenting.

In general, it should be no problem to bump journal clubs to a later week, so if you see a date you're interested in, chances are we can accommodate you.

2018 meetings

04/25/18Talk: Marc ZirnsakA potential source of saliency in the primate brain
05/02/18Talk: Dan BirmanFlexible readout of stable cortical representations support motion visibility perception
05/09/18Talk: Kathryn BonnenTBA
05/16/18Talk: Xiaomo ChenDissonant Representations of Visual Space in Prefrontal Cortex during Eye Movements
05/23/18-No Vision Lunch (VSS)
05/30/18Talk: Guillaume RiesenTBA
06/06/18Journal Club: Elias WangImage reconstruction by domain-transform manifold learning (

Previous meetings

04/11/18Journal Club: Dan Birman Feedback determines the structure of correlated variability in primary visual cortex. (
3/21/18Journal Club: Jesse Gomez Differential Sampling of Visual Space in Ventral and Dorsal Early Visual Cortex (
3/7/18Journal Club: Mareike Grotheer and Dora Hermes Facephenes and Rainbows (
2/14/18 Rosemary Le (PhD Student, Wandell Lab, Stanford)Stimulus dependency of population receptive fields in the VWFA and visual field maps
2/7/18 Peter Kohler (PostDoc, Norcia Lab, Stanford)Symmetry as a fundamental feature dimension in mid-level vision
1/24/18Journal Club (continued): Dan YaminsDeep convolutional models improve predictions of macaque V1 responses to natural images
1/17/18Journal Club: Dan YaminsDeep convolutional models improve predictions of macaque V1 responses to natural images


An archive of Vision Lunch meetings of the last year(s) exists here.

An archive of Vision Lunch meetings prior to 9/13/17 exists on the Vista Lab wiki.